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Our Animals

On the hotel grounds, you will also find our nice little pet zoo. We have a large number of tame animals such as alpacas, pygmy goats, rabbits, pigs, ducks and donkeys – some of which have cute offspring. The animals are a unique attraction that is especially popular with the little ones among our guests.

Visitors can watch our animals being fed or offer those trusting and friendly creatures a few blades of grass themselves. Watching those four-legged friends play or to have the opportunity to pet a pony can be a joyful and relaxing experience. Our open stables and their inhabitants go very well with the surrounding natural environment and the beautiful landscape. They make people of all ages happy.

Hotel Location

The Hotel Deutsches Haus is located halfway between Stuttgart and Ulm – in Kaltenwang, to be exact, between the towns of Gruibingen and Weilheim a.d. Teck. The inn was founded in 1872 and has not changed location since then. It offers a beautiful view of the surrounding natural landscape with its characteristic hills and fields. Long before the Autobahn was built, it was already a popular place for traveler to recover and eat treat themselves to refreshing beverages and a hearty meal.

The Deutsches Haus is located at the foot of the Bloßer, a mountain of the Swabian Alb. The view of the Drei Kaiserberge (the “three emperor mountains”) is very nice. Just take the exit Aichelberg or Mühlhausen from the Autobahn A8. The beautiful view of the lovely surroundings will accompany you all the way to our house. If you go on a nice hike or a bicycle tour through the forest or the acres, you can visit numerous impressive places such as the waterfalls at the nature reserve Teufelsloch-Kaltenwang. The town of Weilheim an der Teck was founded as early as the 7th century. Its historic city center and the beautiful half-timber houses are worth a visit.

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